Johanna Lumme
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I’m Johanna Lumme (born 1990), I’m working as a visual artist, illustrator and author for children’s books. Currently I’m continuing my studies at Aalto University master’s program in Visual Narrative. My art discusses the values of nature and how us humans are part of it, but often separated from it. My other interests consists of environmental politics and describing the organicity of nature.

My passion and interest for nature was born in my childhood, guided by my mother’s work for the ministry of the environment and her high interest on climate issues.  I was also put to an art school at a really young age, which started my affection towards visual arts. After high school I followed my passion for nature and studied geopraphy at the University of Helsinki and as my minor studies on environmental politics. Soon I noticed that my path was still pulling me towards something else and describing nature trough art continuously  entered my mind. Soon I started my studies at Metropolia School of applied sciences and continued from there to Aalto University School of Art, Design and Architecture to enforce my skills in my artistic expression.

 My visual art is frequently exhibited in both Finland and abroad: all paintings are for sale and I also accept comissions, when I have free time in my calendar. I work as an freelance illustrator and author for children’s publishing. I’m currently working on my own children’s book series ‘Viidakon Väki’ (The Jungle Crew) published by Otava, which is a story about climate change, immigration and environmental knowledge.

Don’t hesitate to contact me if you are interested in my work or wish to work with me!


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