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New Projects

At the moment one of my project is writing my own childrensbook. I’m currently studying Visual Narrative in Aalto University, which is endorsing my latest project to write my own childrensbook. I have also gotten grants from Otavan Kirjasäätiö in 2017 and Kuvittajat ry in 2018.

Here are some of my newest illustration sketches that I’ve done lately.


Illustration Showreel

This is a project made in collaboration with Maiju Kolisoja. We made a time-lapse and video reflecting my work as an illustrator.

I have been lately working as an illustrator of children’s books at Otava Publishing Company Ltd, a major Finnish publishing house. My illustrations are done by hand with watercolours and pens, but I also paint with gouache and oil colours. Additionally, I make illustrations digitally.


At Otava Publishing Company, I have participated in a project where school books were made for children in primary school. The project consists of the publication of four different books, one that is still in progress. It also includes different covers for textbooks and other tasks, like letter posters, cards and illustrations for digital material. Some of these are found below. The writers in this project are Siri Kolu, Mari Backmann, Kati Lassila and Kati Solastie. The layout is by Heli Ahola, and I work as the illustrator.

Seikkailujen Esikoulu / Pre-School material

Pre School-book for kids, 100 pages of illustration.

Seikkailujen Aapinen / ABC-book

ABC-book for the first grade, 200 pages of illustration.

Seikkailujen lukukirja / ABC-book for 2nd grade

Reading book for the second grade, 200 pages of illustration.

Seikkailujen Aapinen – Suomi toisena kielenä / ABC-book for finnish as second language

Finnish as second language, 100 pages of illustration.

Letter cards

Letter cards are intended for use at schools to teach children the alphabet better.

Posters & Prints

Poster illustrations are made digitally with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator. The posters are available in size A3 (12 euros each + postage). The children’s height chart is 150 cm (20 euros each + postage).

Send me an e-mail if you wish to purchase one: johanna_lumme(at)

Christmas cards 2016


My comics are little stories about Ruben the Rabbit and his forest friends. Comics in English are found on flickr.

Otava kuvituskilpailu

In 2012, I won first prize in an illustration competition for children’s school books organized by Otava Publishing Company. Below are the illustrations that I made according to Otava’s instructions.

Helsinki Zoo

For Helsinki Zoo I designed, illustrated and did the layout for the visitor’s guide, which was published in summer 2015. All illustration’s are colorised digitally.

Package design

This was a school project where I designed goods packages for everyday use for a product named Bo. The project consisted of designing the package, and doing the illustrations and typography.

CD Cover design

I made this CD illustration and typography for Freelance singer Mervi Multamäki. You can see some sketches and different ideas and also the final design of the cover.