My paintings are made with oil colours or with mixed techniques adding coal and pastels. Through my art I want to convey the relationship between humans and nature, and speak out about the constant change in natural environment. I want my paintings to whisper the sounds of nature — and share some of its magical and enigmatic features with the viewer.

 Next exhibtions in 2021: Galleria Contempo (May), Taidekeskus Salmela (June-August), Villa Albert (May-August). See the Exhibitions -section for further information about past and current exhibitions. Join mailing list in the Contact -section for invitations to my events.

New paintings 2021

After a small break in painting between 2020 in order to finnish my art studies, I have started to make new artworks for exhibitions to come. My artworks will be seen next in Galleria Contempo, Helsinki (Solo exhibition), Villa Albert, Porvoo (Common exhibition) and  Art Center Salmela, Mäntyharju (Common exhibition) in 2021.

I have been concentrating lately on studying nature in Laplands high fells and also the movement of water in ponds of the forests. I’m describing the inevitable cycle of nature where death and rebirth is constantly present. I paint atmospheres with strong colors and direction of strokes. My interest is also to describe the nature of plants and accent their organicity.

Here are a few paintings to enjoy. They are available trough exhibitions. More paintings to be seen in the exhibitions:

First touch of light/Noux National Park

Last autumn I unveiled my first Noux-themed paintings. Back then my paintings were all about the warm red and orange hues of autumn. I was so inspired by the National Park’s landscapes that I decided to make a sequel to the series.

After a long dark and also cold winter in Finland, the first touches of light reach the the top of threes and finally the ground, a new beginning is silently born in the deep of the forest. The light gives us hope of a new summer to come.

This is what I chose to explore in my new painting series. I was also amazed by the different colors of green born in spring in contrast with the cold dark shadows, which the warmth of the sun has yet to reach.

Galleria Contempo 2018

A Secret Island / Paintings from Vallisaari

These paintings are an inspiration from my visit to Vallisaari, an Island nearby the shore of Helsinki. The island was used for storing weaponry of the Finnish Defence Forces in the past and it wasn’t open to the public until 2016. It’s tameless nature is highly sensitive and conserves for example many special bird species, which are protected. You can visit the island to experience the special silence, listen to the nature breath, the ocean whisper it’s quiet secrets, search for the hidden lakes. It left me with a magical summery feeling.

This is what I chose to explore in my new painting series. I was also amazed by the different colors of green born in spring in contrast with the cold dark shadows, which the warmth of the sun has yet to reach.

Kölnerliste 2018 / Kahvila Blossom 2018 / Näsin kartano 2018

The Last Touch of Light/Noux National Park

“The Last Touch of Light” is a depiction of the autumny hues of the Noux national park. I wanted to share with my audience nature’s little wonders along with its astonishing colors created by light.

The paintings play with the contrasts seen in Autumn: subdued, but strong colours; the burning warmth of red and orange hues against steely gray skies.

Autumn as a season is more one of melancholy, its beauty perhaps more mystical. Nature receives its last touch of light and glows in all of its colorful glory for just for one last moment until it falls into its long silent Winter sleep. I started to see the wistful atmosphere in a new way and that’s what this new series of paintings “The Last Touch of Light” is born from.

Galleria Contempo 2017

The Pond

The painting series “The Pond” is about the human relationship with nature. I have been studying reflections and different daylight circumstances on the the surface of water. For me this landscape is the place where one can find peacefulness in their heart.

Näsinkartanon kesänäyttely: Oodi Suomelle 2017

Taidekeskus Salmela Kesänäyttely 2017

Galleria Contempo 2016

Affordable Art -fair, Stockholm 2016

Art Helsinki (In collaboration with Habitare fair) 2016

Art Center Salmela 2016


“Heartbeats” has taken part in the competition for young artists in Art Center Salmela  in 2016, from which I won the Public’s favorite award of 2500 €. “Heartbeats” is about animals and their feelings in the changing environment. I’m worried about the biodiversity and the threats humans cause, such as climate change. Nature should be appreciated, because it’s vital to all of us. I’m donating a part from all the paintings sold from this series to Finlands WWF.

Family portraits

In this series I want to speak strongly for endangered animals. The natural world and animals are common subjects in all my artistic work. It is shameful how many species are threatened by extinction, and one of the biggest causes is climate change. Nature must be treated with respect and understanding. “Family Portraits” is also a statement about racial discrimination. In “Family Portraits”, different animals form families despite the differences in their race.

Reflections 2015

Finland’s nature has inspired me for a long time. My family has a cottage by a lake, where we spent many summers in my childhood. My inspiration for this painting series was born there. I have had this series in my mind for several years, but only in spring 2015 did I find the right technique to realise my visions. I’m especially interested in the movement of water. To express this, I have concentrated on different reflections and light during the day.

Panda’s day

This series was born during my residence at Art Centre Salmela. It’s a self-image series, where I contemplated myself through the Panda. I chose to portray the Panda, because it represents China and reminded me of yin and yang. The series is about finding balance in life.

Glory for nature

As an artist I want to remind that nature is our vital condition. The value of nature is immeasurable. Trow my painting I want to speak out for the relation of humans, nature and animals, and the changes human causes in their environment.

Other paintings


I also accept commissions. Here are a few examples. Contact me by email johanna_lumme(at) if you wish to know more.