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Viidakon väki bookseries 2019-2023, Written & Illustrated

Viidakon väki (en. The Jungle Crew) is my first written childrensbookseries about jungle animals that leave their home behind due natural disasters. They move to a city, where life is new and busy. Changes come with learning a lot of new, but the city will also learn the joy and value of nature from The Jungle Crew. The books are published Otava Publishing Company Ltd. For foreign publication rights please contact my agent Rights & Brands.

2023 ‘Viidakon väki ja myrskyn merkit’ / ‘The Jungle Crew and the rising storm’

Published by Otava, 2023.

A heavy storm is approaching the city on Windsend. Roope the Fox is called for help, as he is such a great inventor. Could he maybe manage to puch the storm away from the city?

2022 ‘Viidakon väki ja versova kapina’ / ‘The Jungle Crew and the flourishing rebellion’

Published by Otava, 2022.

Leibovitz the Cat gets tired of waiting for adults to make decisions. They just discussing and plan, but what about action? Together the kids come up with a plan, where suddenly the city transforms into an untained jungle.

2021 ‘Viidakon väki ja ihmeellinen sininen’ / ‘The Jungle Crew and the fantastic blue’

Published by Otava, 2021.

Stripe the Zebra is being bullied at school for his particular blue stripes. He paints himself white trying to fit in with other animals. Eventually, by meeting new friends in the ocean, stripe learns that everyone is beautiful just as they are. Stripe also helps the ocean from being bullied by bringing everyone together to clean it.

2020 ‘Viidakon väki ja puutarhan salaisuus’ / ‘The Jungle Crew and the secret of the garden’

Published by Otava, 2020.

Kornelius the Giraffe has issues to get settled in the city. He tries all kind of things in order to find his own path, but he has a hard time fitting between the concrete buildings and busy cities. Also the Jungle Crew notices that someone has started stealing fruits from their houses garden. While chasing the thief Kornelius realises that actually learning new things can be a lot of fun!

2019 Viidakon väki ja suuri muutto / The Jungle Crew and the great migration

Published by Otava, 2019.

The Jungle Crew and the Great Migration is a story about a Giraffe, a Chicken and a Zebra whose home jungle is being destroyed by various forces of nature. Eventually the jungle catches fire, forcing the animals to flee towards the ocean and ending up in a city. This is where their adaptation story begins since the animals have never been in a city. This book starts a series about the Jungle Crew.


Schoolbook Series Seikkailujen Aapinen

2017 Seikkailujen Esikoulu / Pre-School material

Pre School-book for kids, 100 pages of illustration.

2015 Seikkailujen lukukirja / ABC-book for 2nd grade

Reading book for the frst grade, 200 pages of illustration.

2014 Seikkailujen aapinen / ABC-book for First grade

ABC-book for the second grade, 200 pages of illustration.